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Britains Got Talent

The Kit Kat Dolls were formed on Saturday the 27th January 2007 when an audition was held at London’s longest running and most well known TG night club the “Way Out Club”. 
Over thirty girls auditioned.  Ten girls were chosen.

The girls ran across the TG, age and race spectrum, a real mixture. They entered into Simon Cowell’s first ever series of “Britain’s got Talent”, and sang their version of the song “Don’t Cha” made famous by the Pussy Cat Dolls, which got them through the first round, and on to be judged by Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Pierce Morgan.

The Dolls (Now numbering nine) Appeared in front of the expert panel and Wowed the judges and audience at the Shaftsbury theatre, Leaving Simon Cowell Speechless!

The judges swiftly put the Dolls through two more rounds to appear on one of the “Britain’s Got Talent” LIVE Semi-finals.



During the week in June that “Britain’s got Talent” was aired the Kit Kat Dolls received a great amount of press as well as appearing on other TV shows including “This Morning” and were also tipped to win the competition.





The Kit Kat dolls worked hard rehearsing ready for their live performance on Saturday night, Especially as Miss Kitten had done all of the choreography for the show.

The Kit Kat Dolls even made a promotional video




Due to the unfortunate acts of one member of the group with a “News of the World” undercover reporter the Kit Kat dolls were asked to leave “Britain’s got Talent” and subsequently that member also left group.



Within a number of days the eight Dolls were back on their feet performing live at “Sparkle” the UK’s Biggest TG festival where they were warmly received and supported.

The Girls continued with a small tour around the UK Finishing at the Astoria in London performing live in front of over 2000 people to rapturous applause.

Miss Kitten has now left the Kat Kat Dolls to pursue other avenues.