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Miss Katt Kitten was originally born a boy! (although she still is a boy, there has been no work done or hormones!).  On the day of the royal silver jubilee in the summer of 1977, in Sidcup, Kent, England, Miss Katt Kitten arrived on this planet, and on that day the whole of the land had street parties.

Miss Katt Kitten trained as a gymnast from the age of five and then started dancing at the age of seven with the local community dance centre performing in show's, musicals and dance competitions.

On becoming a student at High School She performed in a great number of productions, as well as being given the opportunity of working with "Rambert dance co" and "Phoenix dance co". She also gained a GCSE in Dance and a grade "A" at A' level as well as grade "B" in A' level Art.

She then followed to study for a BA Hons degree at Roehampton institute in Art and Dance, before moving into a professional career in the Arts.

It was in the year of our lord 1998, during the summer in Ibiza that Miss Katt Kitten was really born. A great Metamorphosis occurred changing a young man to the beautiful artist that Miss Katt Kitten has now become.  Miss Katt Kitten spent two seasons in Ibiza and in 2000 went to work on a cruise ship as a dancer and drag artist.

In 2007 Miss Katt Kitten joined the Kit Kat Dolls to perform in Simon Cowell's "Britain's got Talent" TV show.

Miss Katt Kitten has appeared in magazines, books and Newspapers.  She has performed on numerous television and radio shows as well as performing, directing and choreographing shows around Europe.

Current credits to Miss Katt Kitten are

Utterly Fabulous magazine (UK), The Tranny Guide (UK), DJ Magazine (UK & IBIZA), Citizen Kane Magazine (France) QX (UK), BOYZ (UK)

The Sun (UK), News of the world (UK), The Daily Star (UK).

Tarrant on TV (ITV UK), The Bill (ITV UK), The Best Belgian (Belgian TV) Britain's got Talent (ITV UK).

BBC Radio (UK), Kiss 100FM (UK).

Glitter Ball (performer), Richard O'Brian's Transfandango Ball (Choreographer, Performer), Way Out Club (Director, Choreographer, Performer, Compeer). Manumission Motel (Compeer), G.A.Y  The Kit Kat Dolls (Performer), Global Gathering (Dancer).

These are just a few of the things Miss Katt Kitten has done, we are sure there will be many more.